The Voyage of FORTY TWO


Location: 42o 44.03 N, 87o 47.17 W

Worked on the boat just about every day this month. Key items were installing the windlass, new batteries and stern arch, re-covering all the cushions, and finishing the deck painting.

The windlass is not only in, but worked in the right direction first time! This was my first major
rewiring job. The yard did a great job of installation, including a fiberglass collar where the chain goes through the deck. The only problem was that we found that the running lights wiring was in the deck core right where the chain hole was drilled. Should have been several inches out of the way according to the manual. So running new cable for the lights is added to the list! Put a dedicated battery in the locker in front of the vee berth to power the windlass. Went to a boat stuff auction on May 20 and picked up over 300 ft. of eight strand nylon rode so have a primary of 200 ft. chain and 100 ft. rope, and a secondary of 75 ft. chain and 225 feet rope.

New batteries are the start of a redesigned power system. Main house bank is three 100Ah Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. Engine start is a 55Ah spiral cell AGM battery, as is the windlass battery. Coming soon is a 100A alternator with a Xantrex regulator, and a Pathmaker 3 bank controller. The Pathmaker system will automatically control the charging of the batteries regardless of the charge source – AC, alternator, wind generator, or solar panels.

Judy has been busy at home with all the boat cushions. The original fabric was a cream pattern with some sort of backing compound that was starting to break down. She chose a really nice Sunbrella fabric – Coal – which is a black with white flecks. This was the first big test of the Sailrite sewing machine and Judy is very pleased with it. All the interior cushions have been re-covered this month and are now back on board. We will put some photos in next month's log.

The deck is now resplendent with two coats of grey non-skid paint over the cabin top and down the side decks. Really changes the appearance – for the better. For the technical types, we used Interdeck, a proprietary paint from Interlux with the non-skid compound already included in the paint. Went on very easily with a short nap mohair roller.

The stern arch is completed and Judy and I worked with Dan (the welder) to install on Memorial Day (May31).We found an arch off a power boat at a marine store near Milwaukee and had Dan modify it to fit. Result is a great arch at about 1/3 what a custom arch would cost. Had to spread the front feet and pull the back feet in so it took nearly all day to install, but it is there now. Completed at 5:30 pm just as a thunderstorm unleashed its rain upon us!

This will give us space to mount the wind generator, solar panels, and the gas bottles for the galley, as well as getting the GPS antenna off the rails, and installing a new stern light at the top of the arch. We also plan to cantilever a bimini top off the front of the arch to shade the helm and back end of the cockpit.

Ten items got knocked off the list this month. In addition to the big items above we installed a new knife block in the galley, cut out and enlarged the access to the batteries, added lee cloths to the main cabin bunks, tidied up the wiring behind the main panel, installed the Yeoman plotter, replaced the seacocks on the two cockpit drains, and put a wood floor in the locker under the cockpit. We also built and finished a new helm seat from a teak kit and will install it shortly.

Launch is scheduled for June 1!! Really looking forward to having Forty Two back in the water.

Quote for the month – “When the wind blows, worship its roar” – Pythagoras