MAX HARVEY 1993 - 2006

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On November 16, 2006, like the gentleman he was, Max Harvey died peacefully in his sleep. Thirteen years is a great age for a beagle, and Max lived his life to the full. He epitomized his breed, always with his nose to the ground smelling scents that none of us could find. We are convinced he could smell a can of meat in the cupboard. Food was one of his great loves and any dropped near or spilled was instantly 'hoovered' up. He was known for his abilty to open rigid coolers and extract food at night without waking us up.max - lats&atts

Max spent most of his life in Illinois, first in a condo in Libertyville, then in a house in Gurnee with an enclosed yard. The yard gave him the opportunity to escalate the bone wars with Lilly May and it was amazing how much of the yard two beagles could destroy in the simple task of burying bones and digging them up again.

His life was turned upside down when Judy met Brian and decided to go cruising. But like the good sport he was, he adapted to the cruising lifestyle and travelled over 4,000 miles from Illinois to Key West and on to Tampa Bay before returning back to North Carolina. Despite several unforeseen swims at dock side Max became a sailor. So much so, that he would stand in the bow of the dingy when going ashore like a figure head. He and Lilly were recognized at Vero Beach when approaching the dingy dock the cry of "The beagles have landed" was heard from the shore. He reached the pinnacle of cruising recognition when his photo was published in Latitudes & Attitudes magazine.

Self opinionated, sometime obnoxious, always arrogant, Max was a loving pet and will be missed by us and Lilly May. May you have fair winds and following seas wherever you are, Max Harvey.

Brian & Judy

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