The Voyage of FORTY TWO


Location: 42o 44.03 N 87o 47.17 W

Launched June 1 with no problems. Checked the new through hull and the new seacocks – no leaks. Engine started easily and we loaded gear aboard and went down river to our temporary slip at Gaslight Pointe Marina. Stayed overnight with Max and Lilly (Judy’s two beagles that will become seadogs).

Next day we found out why pirates and old sailors keep saying “AARGH” all the time. They are really complaining about the breakdowns and problems aboard ship. Our own “AARGH” moment came early on Wednesday morning when I switched on the pressure water pump and it failed to switch off when pressure was reached. Checked the bilges, and sure enough they were filling up. Stared checking the plumbing system for a leak, and fowater heaterund water pouring out of the hot water heater. Had to pull all the galley cabinets off above the engine space to get access to the heater. Got the old heater out and then bought a new unit. Had to do some surgery on the space and pull the Racor filters out of their location to get the new heater in but finally got it successfully installed.

Continued to work on fitting out and moving gear aboard. Dan finished the arch and added the mast for the wind generator. Biggest job however was packing the furniture and ‘stiff’ we had at Judy’s house and getting ready to move it to North Carolina. Held a yard sale but did not get rid of as much as we would have liked. June 19 the movers came and loaded the truck. We left two days later for NC, feeling much better about moving aboard Forty Two as Judy finally had a contract on her house. Got to NC in good time, only to find that the movers were delayed. We finally received our goods on the Friday, after being promised delivery ether Monddan at workay or Tuesday previous. Seems that the driver and supervisor were feuding so we had a crew of locals who did a great job unloading and two others that did nothing but argue. At one stage the driver took off with the truck, leaving the trailed outside, and the local Sheriff had to be called. The finale was the supervisor chasing the driver around the townhouses yelling “I’m going to kill you!” We think the supervisor was on some substance and he was finally taken to the bus depot and left to get himself back to Chicago.

But we did have a good time in New Bern getting the town home organized. We also took the opportunity to go out with our next door neighbors to a Historical Society fundraiser that had a Confederate re-enactment group and women in period costumes at one of the historical homes in downtown. They are raising funds to restore a Civil War battleground just outside New Bern.

Finally left June 30 to return to Chicago and move aboard.

Fair winds,