The Voyage of FORTY TWO


Location: 42o 44.03 N 87o 47.17 W

Still on the hard in Racine but the good news is that the removal of all the VC17 was completed! The entire bottom was then sanded with 80 grit sandpaper and all the dings and small crevices filled with Interlux Watertite filler. There were two blisters that were ground out and filled with epoxy resin. Finally, five coats of Interprotect 2000E were applied as a barrier coat over the previous Interprotect coating. The new antifoul paint is Interlux Bottomkote ACT, which is an ablative paint that washes off in use. We have put a first coat of red on, and the final coats are blue. Hopefully we will be able to dive on the bottom later and when the red shows through know it is time to haul and repaint.

The Interprotect Coat

The wind generator that we got from my brother Stuart in Australia finally showed up after more than nine weeks in the postal system. We made a trip to Kendor Marine, near Milwaukee to buy a radar arch. Kendor is a veritable warehouse of boat parts that they buy from manufacturers and other sources and sell for reasonable prices. We found a stainless arch from a powerboat that is 1 ½ tube and well braced. Dan, our friendly welder that made the bow rollers last year is cutting and reconfiguring the arch to fit the back of Forty Two’s cockpit and provide mounts for the wind generator, solar panels, GPS, gas bottles, etc.

The most nerve wracking operation this month was installation of a new through hull fitting. The photo below shows the hole before the fitting was installed. Don’t like cutting holes below the waterline, so contracted this out to the yard. The best feature was seeing the hull thickness when the hole was cut – about 1 inch of chopped strand and woven mat with no voids. It really gives us confidence in the structural integrity of the hull and in Capital Yachts quality when she was built. This will be the overboard discharge from the head holding tank so that after we leave the USA and do not find pump out stations readily available, we can discharge when we are well out to sea while still having the holding tank when at anchor or in marinas.

And we finally got going on the deck paint. Judy has done a wonderful job with white on the cabin sides and around the grab rails and a grey non-skid on the rest of the cabin top. Next phase is to do deck sides. Judy also got to drill some holes in the boat and installed a heavy duty pad fitting in the steering cockpit for a harness clip. She also fabricated a couple of aluminum straps to stiffen a section of the engine compartment that had been previously cut out when the new engine was installed.

Looking at the ‘to do’ list we have completed 7 of 41 items, with 8 more well under way. Still looking to get in the water by the end of May.

Fair winds,

Brian Dodds/Judy Bloom

The final bottom coat